NBP Website & Emails

Digital interactions weren't a huge part of Name Brand's marketing strategy when I first got hired on. I brought them into the 20th century with an update to their web experience and got them started with email marketing. I thought I'd have fun with it and make it look like a magazine issue every month. We had the opportunity to have several photo shoots that provided the perfect images for that concept. 

Time Management Mockup

Had a lot of fun mocking up a time management tool. I was given a list of elements to include as well as the areas of emphasis. There's a lot of diversity in UI/UX design, but I tend to lean towards the clean and modern side of the spectrum. I love the work Google has put into defining things like Google Material Design and the theory behind that. I also try to balance type and iconography.

Pithworks Web UI/UX

Right after starting with Pithworks, a branding and web agency, I was tasked with giving their website a facelift. 


My goal with the site was to create seamless transitions from one page to another. Websites can often have abrupt loading cuts between pages, but adding in fades and small animations like the hamburger icon to "X" really helped the site maintain a sleek UI. 


SIP Northwest

Working at Pithworks, I design a lot of web experiences. This was one that I thought really turned out great.